Update: Whats Coming and What You Can Expect

Hey all-

So, as you can see this page is still under construction but I wanted to take a moment to explain the future of this project and what you can expect from it. The Snyder Report (TSR) in partnership with The Florida Squeeze (TFS) will be a blog focused primarily on National and International Issues including politics, culture, economics, and others. Included here will be a bookstore feature where readers can will be able to purchase all sorts of works and share their own reviews and suggestion for additions to it. TSR will also have a weekly podcast that will include a roundtable discussion featuring academics, politicians, business leaders, journalists and fellow bloggers from all over the country discussing the events of the week.

Each morning, TSR will release my Ten Morning Reads, which will be a comprehensive list of my ten favorite articles or pieces I’ve read that morning. Additionally, I’ll release a Ten Lunch Time Reads and Ten Even Reads. Each night will conclude with a Nightly Snyder Rant, which could cover topics of day, specific commentary, or just random thoughts of mine. These will either be in video or text format. Occasionally, TSR will feature AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions featuring thought leaders, journalists, academics, and politicians as well.

Another feature you can expect here are White Papers. These will be policy papers that will push ideas and solutions to some big problems facing Florida and country as a whole. These ideas wont just be mine, but submissions taken from TSR & TFS readers/contributors and other academics and wonks from all over country.

TSR serves to be an online community where we can discuss policy rather than simply politics, campaigns and partisan gossip and issues. It is my belief that as soon as Floridians and Americans in general can get past the shallowness of party politics and focus more on identifying problems and proposing policy based solutions to them, we’ll be able to create the change that our society needs and deserves.

Welcome to The Snyder Report, and stay tuned for more updates in the near future.


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